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CFG is the only membership organization with a focus on wholesale financial services marketing. As an executive in a banking, investment or insurance company, you need an external resource that you can rely on for the most current information about the industry. For 30 years, CFG has been the one-stop source for that expertise. CFG members specialize in the marketing of business-to-business financial services. They direct and support marketing activities for the delivery of lending and investment banking as well as treasury, trade, trust and insurance services. Their market focus includes multi-national companies, middle market firms, small businesses and special industries.

WOW! What a year 2020 was. Now on to 2021!

STAYING 'n TOUCH 2020 'N Review: We've put together a review of CFG members' reactions, news, expert advice and other interesting tidbits that we reported throughout 2020 via our newsletter, Staying 'N Touch, as well as the many webinars we hosted throughout the year. Take a look back at what will be quite a memorable year for all of us. I look forward to working with you again in 2021 bringing fresh insights and expertise that will help you raise your own marketing bar even higher! 

CFG 2021 will bring you more STAYING 'N TOUCH. This year, however, we focus inwards focusing on our own members. Watch for my interviews with our marketing LEADERS. We reflect back on what we learned in 2020, how 2021 will look, and a little peak into our leaders' own career paths. Plus, our webinars will bring you new, reseach-based perspectives on content, technology, ABM, workplaces...reflections of your own directions. Be sure to join in our Specialty Groups, too. These are quarterly, small groups of peers.

In case you missed this….On December 10th, EI Advisory released the results of the final Go-to-Market Barometer for 2020. Including insights from over 100 Global B2B Media Suppliers and Senior B2B Marketing Peers, the report was packed with top tips and the key insights you need to be thinking about across your content and events plans moving forward. 

  • Tactics in the New World: What are the key digital tactics to employ for success for 2021 across go-to-market plans from meaningful content to ABM strategies?
  • Virtual Events 101 – what is working and what have we learned? With top tips for audience engagement, formats and content. 
  • Redefining Networking: Time to admit defeat or just time to reimagine?
  • Future Gazing: What do marketers need to think about into 2021?  

 Listen and Read here:

RECORDING: On-demand Webinar Recording: Watch the Session here

REPORT: EI Barometer Report: Autumn Edition: Access the Full Report here

GET DETAILS ON OUR CFG WEBINARS. Check out our new Resource Library folder -- 2020 Webinars -- for some great resources to help you and your team focus, adapt and thrive! Stay tuned for our summer webinar series as we continue to bring you bold, innovative techniques that help you disrupt marketing at a time when you have the power!

Remember that our SPECIALTY GROUPS meet every quarter for our Leaders, Treasury Marketers, Researchers, and CRE Marketers! Great chance to meet and share with peers doing your same job! Our groups currently include: Leaders, Commercial Real Estate Marketing, Treasury/Payments Marketing, Researchers, and coming soon, Content Marketers and Events Specialists!

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